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(on Better Ways to Achieve individual and collective Health and Efficiency)
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Heaven On Earth

We could make things Awesome.  "We Have the technology", as they said in the 1973 TV show, "The Six Million Dollar Man".

I was ten years old in 1973.  When we are ten years old, we are pretty much who we are going to be, minus most of the formative experience, in my estimation. In 1973 we had Watergate, the continued U.S. invasion and destruction of Vietnam, the round Nuclear-Disarmament / Peace symbol,  Moon landings (my 1969 first-grade classroom featured a model of a Saturn-V rocket that was almost as tall as me), guys with long hair, the spiritual contributions of Alan Watts and Jiddu Krishnamurti, Pink Floyd, marijuana (although I didn't try it until a few years later), and gas shortages.  Although the power structure had done its best over the former decade to discourage public activisim, with the assassinations of numerous notable figures, there was still some optimism. An informed generation with means had high hopes for the progression of our society away from problems and into meaningful solutions.  Visionaries like Gerard K. O'neill and Jacque Fresco were painting pictures of an attainable future for our civilization, characterized by abundance, health and justice, enabled by technology.

A beneficiary of the capitalist, cold-war affluence in America following World War II, I could feel some of the hope and imagination of the Baby Boom generation that was coming of age ahead of me; but as I  grew to adulthood and the far-away idealism I sensed in my favorite rock music devolved into Reagan's Right Wing,  I was strongly encouraged to cast aside any budding hippie philosophy and follow my family's path in the Military Industrial Complex.  I joined the Army and later the Department of Homeland Security, got a haircut, tried to be a salesman as a civilian for a time, and was sad for many years. 

Only upon writing my first book, at the suggestion of a wonderful woman I often talked with at length at the start of this new century, did I begin to realize my own, unique intended role.  I'm here to do what I can to encourage the evolution of our species away from monopolized, competitive cynicism and into a state of abundance and widespread happiness resulting from the effective employment of rational mindfulness.

We could have a smart power-grid that employs autonomous electric vehicles for storage, with clean air and water and a healthy, safe ecology.  

We could have a functional, just society that works, where the rules would be the result of rationality and integrity.  As a result people in general would be more kind to each other than they are when forced to play a rigged game.  We could realize the vision of a people's republic outlined in the Constitution for the United States of America by effectively employing modern technology.

We could have our life time.  We can eliminate the forfeiture of our days that is so often necessary in order to survive in today's economy.

-- Mark Frankenberg

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